An ultimate protection for your body from spark and molten splash.
Excellent fire-retardant feature.
High thermal insulation.
Very strong and durable.
Exceptional tear and abrasion resistance.
Breathable and Highly comfortable fabric.
Superior performance to protect your body.
100% cotton, with fire-retardant feature.
Strong and durable.
Comfortable fabric.
Available in various colors.
Customized to your needs.

Mardohar offers a comprehensive solution to address your needs for safety and industry workwear.

All of our workwear is made customized according to your need. Simply come to us with your idea and we will help you to design and visualize it to exactly what you need.

Our vast knowledge in this industry has helped us to deliver an optimal and cost-effective solution to the industries we are serving.

Excellent fitting and finishing, as well as practical features, are thoughtfully combined to offer optimum comfort, functionalities and aesthetics.

All product is made using the best material and the most advanced technology to date.

The fabric and all material are carefully selected to meet the required specification before put in the production line. Our computerized pattern maker ensures the accuracy of the design outline. The automatic folding, cutting and embroider machines speed up the production process.

At Mardohar, customer satisfaction is our priority, having only the best products made and delivered on time have always been central to our business.

Through rigorous research and development, we continually seek new ways to improve our product to meet the market expectation and to stay ahead of the competition.

Mardohar workwear is well known for its excellent fire resistance features. Its outstanding tear and abrasion resistance provide maximum protection in any demanding environments and making it last longer.

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